Error P0057 – how to fix?

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P0057 fault code definition

P0057 is the code that is set when the powertrain control module detects that the voltage is low at the oxygen sensor in bank 2.

What does the code P0057 mean

When trouble code P0057 is set, the powertrain control module has detected a fault, namely a low voltage on the heater control circuit for the second bank oxygen sensor.

What causes the code P0057?

  • The most common cause of fault code P0057 is a faulty bank 2 oxygen sensor.
  • Other possible causes include damaged powertrain control modules or damaged wires in the glow plug control circuit.

What are the symptoms of the P0057 code?

There are no symptoms that may be felt due to fault code P0057. As the fault is in the glow plug circuit, this means that the glow plug will not warm up to operating temperature in time, which will result in increased emissions when starting a cold engine.

How can a mechanic diagnose the code P0057?

Diagnosis varies by manufacturer, but the first step for me is to check the wiring going to the bank 2 oxygen sensor. A common problem is finding wiring or connectors damaged due to road debris or accidents.

After confirming that there are no wiring faults, it’s time to check the integrity of the heater on the oxygen sensor bank 2 itself. To do this, disconnect the oxygen sensor and measure the resistance of the glow plug with an ohmmeter. Specs may vary by manufacturer, but is generally around four to five ohms. If there is resistance OL (out of limit) or INF (infinite), the glow plug is burned out and the sensor needs to be replaced. In most cases, it turns out that the heater circuit in the sensor itself is blown.

If the sensor is OK, check the wiring from the powertrain control module to the sensor connector. You will need to unplug the connector in the PCM and measure the resistance of the circuit end-to-end. You should see less than one ohm of resistance or very close to one ohm. A few ohms may be sufficient to cause the problem. This resistance value can be caused by a wire that is partially broken in the insulation. In this case, replace the cable.

If no cabling problem is found, it is most likely a damaged powertrain control module. The powertrain control module controls the circuit by grounding the circuit. Over time, corrosion or burnout of the switch on the powertrain control module may occur. This will increase the circuit resistance and set up fault code P0057.

The most common errors when diagnosing the code P0057

The most common mistake made when diagnosing this fault code is to simply assume the oxygen sensor is faulty and replace it without running a diagnosis. In the vast majority of cases, the problem will be fixed, but there are times when it does not.

How serious is the P0057 code?

  • The code P0057 poses no danger to the vehicle.
  • Exhaust emissions will increase when starting a cold engine, but as the sensor is warmed by the exhaust gases, it will continue to function normally.

What repairs can remove the code P0057?

  1. Replacing the oxygen sensor in bank two is the most popular repair for this code.
  2. The next step will be to repair the wiring or connector due to damage caused by road hazards.
  3. Another possible repair is to replace a damaged powertrain control module.

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