Clogged Particulate Filter On A Peugeot 307: Signs And More!

If something is blocking the particulate filter (or DPF) on your Peugeot 307 with Hdi common rail engine, your car will usually warn you with a flashing particulate filter light. In this post we will tell you what are the signs of a clogged particulate filter on a Peugeot 307read to the end.

If the particulate filter on a Peugeot 307 is clogged, you must use the scan tool to enter the engine control diagnostic unit (ECU). Since it must show you specific information about any problem with the filter. Read the error codes and take specific action on those codes to clear the errors.

Particulate filter clogged in a Peugeot 307

Particulate Filter Clogged On A Peugeot 307
Peugeot 307S 1600cc 2003

There are signs that will come to light when a particulate filter is clogged on a Peugeot 307, the symptoms are the following:

1- A fault code will indicate: “Filter blocked” or “Filter clogged”.

When “Filter Clogged” codes come up, your DPF filter has either reached the end of its life or is completely dirty. Whatever the reason, you with the help of your service technician should do a regeneration in order to burn off any remaining particles in the filter.

If the signal persists after regeneration, replace the filter. Regenerating a Peugeot 307 car consists of bringing the temperature inside the filter to about 450 degrees C. In a standard driving condition, this will be after 250 to 300 miles (402 to 483 kilometers).

Although the urban driving of city life may not lead to such conditions. Instead, the technician can force regeneration under specific fuel tank level and temperature conditions.

2- A fault code can say: “Minimum level”.

In addition to the warning codes that indicate that the DPFS filter has become clogged, other codes can point to the other component of the Peugeot 307 car’s DPFS system, or to the additive that helps the diesel fuel reach the optimum temperature to burn off the stuck particles.

Such an additive is kept in its own assigned chamber. If there is not enough, you have to refill or put more in the tank. The fault code will inform you with an indicator of “Low level“. After filling the tank, you or the technician have to reset the additive amount function and program the value again. You will see that this fault code appears sometimes simultaneously with the clogged filter, in which case you should replace the filter and refill the additive.

3- Reduction of energy and fuel consumption

The functionality of the DPF filter is to minimize the levels of diesel particulates in the engine emissions filtering exhaust gases. By the time the DPFS filter becomes clogged, it can’t do its job of filtering out trapped particles. This may or may not produce a noticeable change in the car’s performance. However, you may experience low power, sluggishness, and poor fuel economy.

4- Damage to the fuel level sensor

If you have replaced the DPFS filter, refilled the additive and reset the counters, and the warning “clogged filter“, you can have simultaneous failures of a fuel level sensor due to deterioration.

It is the sensor that controls the fuel level, allowing the proportionate amount of additive to be injected. A defective sensor could prevent its operation, forcing you to change it; if it is still under warranty, Peugeot will cover this cost.

Damaged Particulate Filter In A Peugeot 307
Damaged Particulate Filter

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