Citroen C5 II (2007) – Fuse Box Diagrams

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Citroen C5 II (2007) – fuse box diagram

Year of production: 2007.

Cigarette lighter fuse (power socket) on Citro├źn C5 II (2007) is fuse F9 in the fuse box (box C).

There are two fuse boxes, one under the dashboard and one under the hood.

Fuse box under the instrument panel

To access the fuses under the dashboard, open the glove box and then remove the glove box cover.

Fuse box under the dashboard (box A)

Citroen C5 II 2007 Fuse Box Diagrams

Citroen C5 – fuses – under the dashboard – box A
No Amperes [A] Description
G30 5 Heated rear view mirrors
G31 5 Rain and brightness sensor
G32 5 Warning lights unbuttoned

seat belt.

G33 5 Electrochromic rear view mirrors
G34 twenty Sunroof
G35 5 Passenger door lighting;

Passenger rear view mirror adjustment.

G37 25 Heated front

heated seat.

G38 25 Electric driver’s seat
G39 40 Electric passenger seat;

HIFI amplifier

G40 3 Trailer relay module power supply

Dashboard fuses (box B)

1659598600 722 Citroen C5 II 2007 Fuse Box Diagrams

No Amperes [A] Description
G36 15 6-speed automatic transmission
5 4-speed automatic transmission
G37 10 Daytime running lights;

Diagnostic socket.

G38 3 ESP
G39 10 Hydraulic suspension
G40 3 STOP switch

Dashboard fuses (box C)

1659598600 854 Citroen C5 II 2007 Fuse Box Diagrams
Citroen C5 – fuses – (box C)
No Amperes [A] Description
F3 5 Airbags
F4 10 Automatic Transmission;

Additional heater (Diesel);

Electrochromic rear view mirrors.

F5 thirty Windscreen;

Hinged roof;

Passenger door lighting;

Passenger rear view mirror adjustment.

F6 thirty Rear window
F7 5 Cosmetic mirror lighting;

Glove box lighting;

Internal lamps.

F8 twenty Radio;

CD changer;

Steering wheel controls;


Detection of low tire pressure.

F9 thirty Lighter;

Front 12V socket.

F10 15 Alarm;

Steering wheel controls

signaling and control of screen wiping.

F11 15 Low-current anti-theft switch
F12 15 Electric driver’s seat;

Instrument panel;

Unfastened seat belt warning lights;

Air conditioning controls.

F13 5 Engine Relay Module;

Relay for switching off the hydraulic suspension pump;

Airbag ECU power supply.

F14 15 Rain and brightness sensor;

Parking aid;

Electric passenger seat;

Trailer Relay Module;

HIFI amplifier calculator;

Loudspeeker sysetm;

Lane Departure Warning System.

F17 40 Heated rear window;

Heated exterior rear view mirrors.


Fuse box in the engine compartment

1659598600 245 Citroen C5 II 2007 Fuse Box Diagrams
Citroen C5 – fuses – in the engine compartment

To access the engine compartment fuse box, loosen each bolt 1/4 turn.

No Amperes [A] Description
F1 twenty Engine control unit
F2 15 Horn
F3 10 Washer fluid pump
F4 10 Headlight washer pump
F5 15 Starter
F6 10 Air flow meter;

Directional headlamps;

Diagnostic socket.

F7 10 Automatic gearbox lever lock;

Power steering.

F8 25 Starter
F9 10 Clutch switch;

STOP switch,

F10 thirty Starter
F11 40 Air conditioning blower
F12 thirty Wipers
F13 40 BSI Power (Ignition ON)
F14 thirty
F15 10 Right high beam
F 16 10 Left-hand main beam headlamps
F17 15 Right dipped beam
F18 15 Left dipped beam
F19 15 Starter
F20 10 Starter
F21 5 Starter

Battery fuses (all engines except V6 HDI)

To access the fuse box on the battery, remove the cover.

No Amperes [A] Description
F6 25 Rear 12V socket
F7 15 Fog lights
F8 twenty Additional burner (diesel)
F9 thirty Electric parking brake

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