Bobcat 331E – Fuse Box Diagrams

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Bobcat 331E – fuse box diagram

Year of production:

Fuse box

Bobcat 331E Fuse Box Diagrams

Bobcat 331E – fuse box diagram
No Amperes [A] Description
1 5 Mat
2 twenty Switchable power
3 25 Alternator / Power Relay
4 25 Join. control device
6 25 Air conditioning;

Heater fan.

7 5 Ignition
8 25 Fuel solenoid valve
9 25 Controller
10 25 Join. control device
11 twenty The lights
12 15 Accessory plug
E. Switchable power
F. Fuel solenoid valve
G. The lights
H. Glow plugs
J. Starter

The excavator is equipped with a 12 volt negative grounded electrical system. The electrical system is protected by fuses located under the cover on the right side of the excavator (item 1). Fuses protect the electrical system in the event of an electrical overload. Before restarting the engine, determine the cause of the overload.

WARNING: Terminal and harness assignments for individual connectors will vary depending on vehicle trim level, model, and market.

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