BMW B58B30O0 Engine Specs, Problems And Reliability

This B58B30O0 engine is primarily distinguished by a body that is made of carbon fiber and aluminum. This helps to reduce the weight of the engine up to 100 kilograms. Powertrains with a lightweight structure are suitable for many cars, and body architecture is not even important here. This helps to balance and distribute the weight correctly.

The device has 6 cylinders and has a fairly high power. In addition, it is highly productive, this is facilitated by its manufacturability and precision of parts. The design features are an indirect class cooling and inflation system, an improved fuel exhaust and intake system, twin Vanos, and a stabilized crankshaft.

A series of such engines has long been equipped with a huge amount of electrical equipment. There was an automated control system that helped set up the oil pump, gasoline supply system and cooling system. This made it possible to reduce fuel consumption and improve engine performance without compromising other parameters. The functions did not overload the power engine and did not overheat it.

The volume of this device is 3 liters. It emits gas in an amount of 159 to 204 grams per kilometer. The maximum power here ranges from 326 to 360 horsepower. The maximum torque is 500 N * m at 4800 rpm. The cylinder diameter here is from 82 to 89.6 millimeters.

Also in the engine there are 4 valves for each cylinder. The piston stroke, depending on the circumstances, can vary from 84 to 94.6 millimeters. But the compression ratio is set at 10.2.

In general, all of the above series constantly runs on fuel with a high octane number. Gasoline is used at least 95 grades, if the worst fuel is used, cylinder detonation will occur, which will reduce engine life. On average, gasoline consumption will be 8.9 liters per 100 kilometers in urban areas and around 6.5 liters per 100 kilometers on the highway.

The technical fluid must also be filled with exceptionally high quality. 5W-40 or 5W-30 is great for cars with this engine. Every 7 thousand kilometers of the distance, you need to change the fluid and flush the system for long-term use. On average, it diverges in the amount of 700 grams per 1000 kilometers.

The VIN number will be stamped on the front of the crankcase. If the serial code is located in another part of the engine, then it is not original and is most likely fake.

B58B30O0 Engine Specifications

Power, hp 326 – 340
Fuel type Gasoline AI-95
Volume, cm*3 2998
Maximum torque, N * m (kg * m) at rpm. 500 (51) / 4500
Fuel consumption, l/100 km 7.8
engine’s type In-line, 6-cylinder
Add. engine information direct fuel injection
CO2 emissions, g/km 163 – 179
Cylinder diameter, mm 82
Number of valves per cylinder four
Maximum power, hp (kW) at rpm 326 (240) / 5800; 340 (250) / 5500
Supercharger Turbine
Start-stop system Yes
Compression ratio eleven
Piston stroke, mm 94.6

Modifications Of The B58B30O0 Engine

A series of these B58B30O0 engine is new on the market, but drivers have already highly appreciated and given advantage to its models. This 6-cylinder engine quickly became one of the leaders in the market, because it has a huge power potential and a huge service life. The series was launched in 2015 and replaced successful predecessors on the market.

B58B30O0 has a representation in fresh models from a well-known car manufacturer. It is used in the Series 3 liftback with the F31 or F30 body, in the Series 7 sedan with the 340i, in the Series 4 sedan with the CF32 F, in the Series 3 wagon with the 335i, in the extended Series 7 sedan with the 740I G.

B58B30 at the start of serial development had only the B58B30M0 engine, while other modifications appeared in the near future. They were produced because of the need to improve the apparatus to the level of some machines. The technical characteristics of the aforementioned power engine are similar to those of other models in the series. But there is a difference in size and external fastening system.

B58B30O0 already in 2017 became the leader in the ranking of the most reliable devices of the year. He introduced himself to motorists as a hardy and stable car that can be used daily. True, the weight of electrical equipment and high assembly quality helps to increase the service life of some consumables at a level of 400 thousand kilometers. But the correct and accurate replacement of components and constant professional diagnostics will allow you to get much more.

Drivers always pay attention to the quality of gasoline and consumables of engine modifications at the time of the warranty. In the case of excellent performance up to 50 thousand kilometers, the B58B30O0 engine will serve the driver for a long time. The B58 base is suitable for transporting a family, for business, and for lovers of sports driving.

This B58B30O0 Engine is installed on the following models:

  • BMW 1 Series (F20)
  • BMW 2 Series (F22)

Advantages And Reliability Of The B58B30O0 Engine

The manufacturer made the engine very reliable, and the series stands out for this advantage among other competitors. The assembly used is of a fairly high quality, and the flexibility of tuning with the help of programs makes it possible to calibrate the engine for all styles and methods of driving in the world. The complete set of the B58B30O0 engine from the factory, with proper and temporary maintenance with a careful attitude, has almost no disadvantages. Some drivers are very flattering about this invention and recommend it to their comrades.

Disadvantages And Most Common Problems Of The B58B30O0 Engine

There are only minor disadvantages that sometimes occur in single cases. The chip on the cylinders is due to the aluminum body and carbon fiber inserts. All these parts can crack during overheating of the power engine or in an amateur tuning atmosphere.

Compression is lost when seals break. This is caused by the rapid heating of the engine and the regular use of the device at high speeds. The increased consumption of gasoline is due to poor-quality electrical equipment and malfunctions in its operation. To fix this problem, you need to reset all settings for the supply of gasoline in a similar system, as well as change the turbine control to the factory setting. You also need to properly adjust the ignition, this will help extend the shelf life of the machine and engine.

The whole series, of course, has a good guarantee, and in cases of complex problems, the driver should contact the official masters in the service station. This will help to avoid aggravating problems and quickly return the vehicle to life.

Chip tuning Of The B58B30O0 Engine

The engine works on the basis of direct injection of gasoline and the operation of the discharge turbine. This allows you to expand the possibilities of tuning. To harmlessly improve the power of the device, you need to put a turbine with increased power, change the exhaust system to a model from a sports car, make the ignition stable at high power, or flash the gasoline injection system.

Boring on cylinders and changing pistons to non-native ones is prohibited. The aluminum body and carbon fiber can be deformed after processing. It is impossible to increase the power by more than 400 hp, because the service life may decrease and expensive repairs will be needed.

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