BMW 3 E36 and E35 / 5 (1990-2000) – Fuse Box Diagrams

Hi!,at this moment. In this post you will discover a description of fuses and relays BMW 3 E36 and E35 / 5 (1990-2000) – fuse box

Include with pictures of box diagrams in addition to their locations. Highlighted the cigarette lighter fuse (as the most common thing people look for).
Get useful information on Support fuses, updating a fuse, and more.

Fuse Amperes [A] Description 1 thirty Electric Tilting / Sliding Roof (SHD) 2 15 as of 9/93: Tow bar 5 as of 9/96: Engine control system 3 thirty Rear wiper / washer interval control unit (Touring, Compact)
Headlamp washer system (SRA)
Radio / HiFi (9/94 to 8/95) 4 15 Relief Relay Terminal 15 (Heated Seats) 5 thirty Passenger seat adjustment switch 6 twenty Rear defogger relay thirty Rear defogger relay 7 5 Electronic gear indicator
central locking switch
driver’s door lock switch
central locking (ZV) of the driver’s door
central locking module (ZVM)
central locking (ZV) of the doors Passenger’s drive
passenger door lock switch
control unit, remote control
lid lock on the rear of the relay
central immobilizer rear cover (Touring)
Tailgate microswitch (mechanical softtop with maneuverable roof)
soft cover hinged cover Soft roof module with conversion function Module
anti-theft control (Alpine) 8 15 Relay
Horn Anti-theft Control Module (Alpine) 9 twenty Radio
HiFi amplifier
CD changer (up to 8/93)
Relay terminal R (up to 8/92) 10 thirty Anti-lock brake system (ABS)
Automatic Stability Control (ASC) 11 7.5 without CCM: Left low beam
with CCM: Check the control module 12 7.5 without CCM: Right low beam
with CCM: Check the control module 13 5 Comfort relay (two-door model) 14 thirty Driver’s side window module (up to 8/93)
Passenger’s side window module (up to 8/93)
ZKE control unit (ZKE IV; from 9/93) 15 15 Left fog lamp
Right fog lamp
Instrument cluster 7.5 Left fog lamp
Right fog lamp
Instrument cluster 16 5 Air conditioning compressor relay
Auxiliary Fan Stage 1 Relay (Normal Speed ​​Relay)
Auxiliary Fan Stage 2 Relay (High Speed ​​Relay) 17 10 without CCM: fog light switch (rear fog light switch) 7.5 with CCM: fog light switch (rear fog light switch) 18 15 Fuel pump 19 15 up to 8/92: Heating / ventilation relay box parking space thirty from 8/93: Relay module twenty thirty up to 8/92: Blower switch
from 9/92:
without ventilation parking lot: Heater blower relay
with ventilation parking:
Heater blower relay
Independent ventilation relay 21 5 Anti-lock brake system (ABS)
Automatic Stability Control (ASC) 22 5 Switch
headlights Diode that codes for daytime running lights 23 5 Combination switch (indicator / switch dipped beam) kit
Thermal switch (LA, Japan)
ABS control unit
Rear defogger relay
Multifunctional clock / on-board display / on-board computer
Relay terminal
relieving 15 with IHKA: automatic air conditioning
with heating control:
water valves
temperature regulator 24 10 Thermal switch, heated nozzles
Rollover sensor Controller
mirrors. Controller
parking aid 25 5 Switch
headlight lamp Daylight relay module (from 9/97)
High beam relay (9/94 to 8/97)
Low beam relay (9/92 to 8/94)
Left parking lamp relay (9/93 to 8/94)
Right parking light / license plate light relay (9/93 to 8/94) 26 15 up to 8/92:
Program switch Connector
auxiliary (USA)
Automatic gearbox range switch
Diagnostic connector
Reverse lamp switch (without EGS) 10 from 9/92:
Automatic gearbox range switch Switch
Fuel heating (diesel)
Relay exclusionary alternator (diesel)
Diagnostic connector
Oil level switch, thermal
oxygen sensor and air pump relays
Reverse light switch
SMG control unit
Pump relay
hydraulic The hydraulic module
Starter immobilizing relay
Throttle flap heater 27 5 Instrument cluster 28 5 with EGS: automatic gearbox range switch
with SMG:
control unit SMG
Electronic indicator
gears Gear indicator, center console 29 7.5 Left high beam thirty 7.5 Right high beam 31 5 Instrument cluster
On-board display / multifunction clock
On-board computer
Analog clock
Buzzer Electronic immobilizer control unit (EWS II; from 9/94)
Anti-theft diode (DWA)
With IHKA:
water valves
Automatic air conditioning
With IHKR:
IHKR control panel
Integrated air conditioning control module 32 thirty Front cigar lighter
Reading lights relay 33 10 Ignition switch (as of 9/93)
Charging socket
Light switch
CD changer (as of 9/93)
Mobile phone
Door lock heating relay
Luggage compartment lighting. Lighting
rear compartment interior, center (Touring)
Right Boot Lighting Assembly (Compact)
Interior lighting, right rear (with reading light). Lighting
inside, left rear (with reading lamp)
Inner / Reading, Front (with ZKE)
ZKE controller (from 9/93)
Front left footwell light (front right light
parking light) Left parking light relay
Driver side window module (up to 8/93) 34 15 Hazard warning light relay
Crash Alert Sensor (with Crash Alert Sensor) 35 25 with ZVM: central locking module (ZVM)
with controller ZKE: ZKE 36 thirty Wipe / wash module (Low II) / Wipe / wash module 37 10 Switch
right parking lamp / license plate lamp relay 38 thirty Anti-lock brake system (ABS)
Automatic Stability Control (ASC) 39 7.5 Air conditioning compressor relay 40 thirty Seat adjustment switch
driver Driver’s lumbar support switch 41 thirty Auxiliary fan stage 1 relay (low; diesel only)
Fan Stage 2 Auxiliary Relay (High) 42 7.5 Electronic seat control
Driver side impact sensor Side impact sensor
Passenger Sensor
Airbag diagnostic module
Driver seat belt buckle switch 43 5 Interior lighting, rear right
Interior lighting, left rear
Hifi top switch
Central locking module (ZVM)
Surround sound transmitter
Passenger make-up mirrors Driver make-up mirror light Lamp
inside / for reading, front
Convertible soft top module
Controller, remote control
Mobile phone
Reading lamps relay
Anti-Theft Control Module (Alpine) 44 15 Module
Wiper / Washer (Low II) Wiper / Washer Unit Rear Wiper / Washer Interval Control Unit (Touring, Compact)
Windshield Wiper Switch (Touring, Compact)
Lighting / switch
in radio glove box Double relay module (up to 8/95)
Relay terminal R (up to 8/92) 45 7.5 Check the module control module
transceiver (EWS II; from 9/95)
Starter immobilizing switch (from 9/96)
On-board computer / Multifunction clock / On-board display
Wiper relay (up to 8/95)
Wiper motor relay (up to 8/95) 46 15 Clutch switch kit
Brake light switch
cruise control Cruise control switch
Data link connector (as of 9/95)
On-board computer (BC-low) Relay R1 Fuel pump relay Oxygen sensor and air pump relays (M3) Secondary air pump relay Engine control module relay Alternator shutdown relay (diesel) R2 Engine control module relay Fuel pump relay R3 Oxygen sensor relay EKP and activate the detector relay Wiper motor relay Engine control module relay Secondary air pump relay Delivery pump relay (diesel) R4 Horn relay R5 Fog lamp relay R6 High beam relay (up to 8/93) Dipped beam relay (as of 9/93) R7 Low beam relay (up to 8/93) High beam relay (as of 9/93) Secondary air pump relay R8 Hazard warning light relay R9 Blower relay R10 Rear defogger relay R11 ABS relay R12 ABS pump motor relay ABS pump motor, timer relay R13 Auxiliary fan stage 2 relay (high speed) R14 Air conditioning compressor relay R15 Auxiliary fan stage 1 relay (low speed)

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