Audi Q3 F3 II (2021-2022) – Fuse Box Diagrams

Hi!,now. On this page you will discover a description of fuses and relays Audi Q3 F3 II (2021-2022) – fuse box

Include with pics of box diagrams as well as their locations. Highlighted the cigarette lighter fuse (as the favourite thing people look for).
Get advice on Service fuses, changing a fuse, and more.

1 Exhaust gas treatment, AdBlue 2 Front seat electronics 4 Volume control;

MMI Infotainment system control module.

5 CAN gate control module (diagnostics) 6 Ignition key safety lock;

Gear selector, automatic transmission.

7 Air conditioning, heating and ventilation control system;

Parking heating;

Tire pressure monitoring.

8 Headlight range control;

Interior monitoring;

Ambient lighting;

Light switch;

Ceiling control module;

Emergency call system;

Parking brake;

Diagnostic connector;

Light and rain sensor;

Particulate sensor.

9 Steering column electronics 10 Volume control;

MMI Infotainment system control module.

11 Vehicle electrical system control module 12 MMI Infotainment system control module 13 Driver’s seat belt pretensioner;

Airbag module.

14 Air conditioning blower 15 Steering column lock 16 Audi Phonebox 17 Instrument cluster;

Emergency call system.

18 Rear view camera;

Peripheral cameras.

19 Opening, starting the vehicle (NFC) twenty Exhaust gas cleaning;

Instrument cluster.

21 Steering column electronics 23 – 24 Vehicle electrical system control module 25 Driver’s side door control module;

Left rear window adjuster motor;

Left Rear Door Control Module.

26 Vehicle electrical system control module 27 Vehicle electrical system control module 29 Ceiling console module;

Vehicle electrical system control module.

thirty Auxiliary battery control module 31 – 32 Driver assistance systems

(parking system, side assistant, adaptive driving assistant, camera).

33 Ceiling console module;

Front passenger seat electronics.

34 Air conditioning components;

Parking brake;

Reversing lamps;

Internal sound generator.

35 Air conditioning components;

Diagnostic connector;

Center console switch module;

Rearview mirror;

Headlight range adjustment;

Dashboard lighting.

39 Right rear window regulator motor;

Front passenger door control module;

Right rear door control module.

40 12V sockets 41 Seat belt pretensioner on the passenger side 42 Vehicle electrical system control module 43 – 44 All-wheel drive control module (quattro) 45 Driver’s seat electronics 47 Rear window wiper 48 External sound 49 Clutch position sensor;

Engine start.

50 – 52 Suspension control 53 Rear window defogger 54 Left trailer hitch lamp 55 Tow bar (detection) 56 Right trailer hitch light 57 Trailer hitch socket

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