Audi A7 (2011-2019) – Fuse Box Diagrams

Hi-ya!,at this time. On this page you will find a description of fuses and relays Audi A7 (2011-2019) – fuse box

Include with pictures of block diagrams and their locations. Highlighted the cigarette lighter fuse (as the most popular thing people look for).
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Audi A7 – diagram of the fuse box

Year of production: 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017, 2018, 2019.

Cigarette lighter fuse (power socket) on Audi A7 the number is in the fuse box in the passenger compartment.


Audi A7 2011 2019 Fuse Box Diagrams

  • Electric distributor in the expansion chamber.
  • Fuse and relay box on the right side of the front panel.
  • Fuse / relay box i CAN bus hub in the trunk on the right.
  • Main fuse box on the positive battery terminal.
  • Box fuses and relays in the expansion chamber after driver’s side (E-Box)
  • Junction box i concentrator knot CAN bus on bottom of left A pillar
  • Fuse and relay box in the area on-board control unit power supply.
  • Box fuses and relays on the left side panel front.

Passenger compartment

The box on the left1661186142 930 Audi A7 2011 2019 Fuse Box Diagrams


Fuse holder -A- (black)
No Description
1 Electromechanical steering system;



Switch panel;

Heated rear seats;

Electromechanical parking brake.

2 Signal;

Air conditioning;


Automatically shielded rearview mirror.

4 Parking aid;

Headlamp range adjustment.

5 Dynamic control;


Electronic stabilization control.

6 Headlights
7 Ā«Adaptive cruise controlĀ»
8 Passenger seat sensors;


9 “Entry”
10 The sound of the engine;

Auxiliary night vision control unit;

“HomeLink” (garage door opener);

Parking assistant.

11 Video camera image processing
12 Headlights
13 Steering column switch module
14 Terminal 15 (trunk)
15 Terminal 15 (engine compartment)
16 Starter
Fuse holder -B- (brown)
No Description
1 Information and entertainment system
2 Information and entertainment system
3 Front passenger seat
4 Airbag;

Electronic stabilization control.

6 Anti-theft alarm
7 Electromechanical parking brake
8 Indoor lighting
9 Windshield heating system;

Video camera;

Light and rain sensor.

10 Lumbar support (driver’s seat)
11 Driver’s seat
12 Electronic stabilization system
13 Sound signal
14 Headlights
15 Heated front seats
16 Dynamic control
Fuse holder -C- (red)
No Description
1 Clutch
2 Fuel pump
3 Brake light sensor
4 AdBlue control unit (diesel engine);

Engine acoustics.

5 Back door
6 Front door
7 Electronic stabilization system
8 Motorcycle windshield wipers
9 Headlight cleaning system
10 Interior lighting;

Air conditioning.

11 Headlights
12 Sliding sunroof

The box on the right

1661186142 497 Audi A7 2011 2019 Fuse Box Diagrams


Fuse holder -A- (red)
No Description
1 Infotainment system, CD changer
2 Infotainment system (display)
Fuse holder -B- (brown)
No Description
1 Air conditioning
2 Air conditioner (fan)
3 Diagnostic interface
4 Electric ignition lock
5 Electric steering column adjustment
6 Steering column switch module
7 Electric steering column adjustment
8 Light switch
9 Display on the windshield
10 Instrument cluster
11 Infotainment system, DVD changer

Fuse box in the trunk

1661186142 941 Audi A7 2011 2019 Fuse Box Diagrams


Fuse holder -A- (black)
No Description
1 Hitch / socket up to 220 V
2 Towbar;

Cup holder with temperature control for drinks.

3 Towbar;

Moving the front passenger seat from the stowed position.

4 Electromechanical parking brake
5 Electromechanical parking brake
6 Front door (front passenger’s side)
7 Exterior lighting at the rear of the vehicle
8 Central locking, finishing device
9 Heated front seats
11 Heated rear seats;

Air conditioning.

12 Towbar
Fuse holder -B- (red)
No Description
1 Left seat belt pretensioners
2 Seatbelt pretensioners, right
3 AdBlue tank (diesel engine) / fuel pump
4 AdBlue tank (diesel engine) / engine bearing (petrol engine)
5 Tactile boot lid
6 Air suspension, damping adjustment
7 Rear door (front passenger’s side)
8 Rear lights
9 Trunk lid
10 Rear seat entertainment system
12 Rear spoiler (Sportback);


Fuse holder -C- (brown)
No Description
1 Information and entertainment system
2 Information and entertainment system
3 Infotainment system;

Auto-shielded interior rear-view mirror.

4 Rear view camera;

Measurement cameras.

5 TV tuner
6 Tank leak detection system
7 Sockets
8 Heater
10 Lumbar support (front passenger seat)
12 Information and entertainment system
Fuse holder -D- (black)
No Description
1 Pneumatic suspension;

Shock absorber adjustment;

Sports differential;

Electromechanical parking brake.

2 Clutch travel sensor;

Automatic Transmission.

3 Seats
4 Rear wiper (Avant)
5 Side support system
6 The sound of the engine
7 Infotainment system;

Sound amplifier.

8 “Entry”
9 Sports differential
10 Air conditioning
11 Tire pressure monitoring system;

Heating the passenger compartment with the engine off.

12 Start / Stop system
  • Fuse holder -E- (black) – Special vehicles / rear seats
  • Fuse holder -F- (black) – Heated rear window

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