Alfa Romeo 147 FL (2005-2010) – Fuse Box Diagrams

Hi!,at this time. In this post you will discover a description of fuses and relays Alfa Romeo 147 FL (2005-2010) – fuse box

Include with images of block diagrams and their locations. Highlighted the cigarette lighter fuse (as the most famous thing people look for).
Get suggestions about Service fuses, updating a fuse, and more.

Description Location No Amp [A] Selespeed gearbox pump /

Easy Speed.

Battery F03


thirty Auxiliary heater Battery (+) F73


thirty Headlamp alignment corrector Dashboard F13 10 Air conditioning Dashboard F31 7.5 Air conditioning Dashboard F39 15 Air conditioning compressor Battery F19 7.5 Assembly relay coils

heating and ventilation

Dashboard F31 7.5 Power supply via ignition switch +30 Dashboard F32 15 Selespeed gearbox /

Easy Speed

Dashboard F32 15 Selespeed gearbox /

Easy Speed

Dashboard F51 15 Radio Dashboard F39 15 Navigator Dashboard F39 15 Rear window wiper Dashboard F52 15 Left rear power window Dashboard F33 twenty Right rear power window Dashboard F34 twenty Heated rear window Dashboard F40 thirty Windshield washer;

Rear window washer

(two-way pump).

Dashboard F43 thirty Lighter Dashboard F44 twenty Electrically heated seats Dashboard F45 15 Heated exterior rear-view mirrors;

Heated nozzles.

Dashboard F41 7.5 Cruise control Dashboard F35 7.5 Central lock Dashboard F38 twenty Headlight washers Battery F09 twenty Service circuits + 30 Dashboard F39 15 Main service circuits

(electronic injection).

Battery F17 7.5 Intermediate service circuits

(electronic injection).

Battery F11 15 Intermediate service circuits Dashboard F49 7.5 Volumetric sensors Dashboard F39 15 VDC installation sensors Dashboard F42 7.5 Steering angle sensor Dashboard F42 7.5 EOBD system diagnostic socket Dashboard F39 15 Adaptation to mounting

mobile phone.

Dashboard F39 15 Power supply to the door control unit

on the driver’s side.

Dashboard F47 twenty Power supply to the door control unit

on the passenger side.

Dashboard F48 twenty Controls backlight Dashboard F49 7.5 Air conditioning controls backlight Dashboard F35 7.5 Instrument cluster Dashboard F37 10 Instrument cluster Dashboard F53 10 Driver’s door control unit Dashboard F39 15 ABS control unit Dashboard F42 7.5 ABS control unit Battery F04


50 Fuse box

in the dashboard.

Battery F02


50 Switchboard in the trunk Dashboard F39 15 Airbag control unit Dashboard F50 7.5 +30 electronic injection control unit Battery F18 7.5 Control unit in the engine compartment

(petrol versions).

Battery (+) F70


125 Control unit in the dashboard Battery (+) F71


70 Control unit of a possible trailer Dashboard F36 10 Air conditioning electric fan Battery F05


40 Radiator fan

(1 speed – petrol versions).

Battery F06


thirty Radiator fan

(2 speed – petrol versions.

Battery F07


50 Sound signal Battery F10 15 Fuel pump Battery F21 15 Injectors

(petrol versions).

Battery F22 15 Ignition coils Battery F21 15 Electric opening of the boot lid Dashboard F60 25 Electronic injection system Battery F16 7.5 Bose layout Dashboard F61 15 Bose layout Dashboard F62 twenty Opening roof Dashboard F63 twenty Opening roof Dashboard F46 15 Auxiliary heater Battery F08


Ignition switch Battery (+)


(MAXI) thirty

Glow plugs

(JTD versions). Battery


(MAXI) 50 Heated diesel filter (JTD versions).


F20 twenty

Control unit in the engine compartment

(JTD versions). Battery (+)


(MEGA) 150

Radiator fan

(first speed – JTD versions). Battery


(MAXI) 40

Radiator fan

(second speed – JTD versions). Battery





(JTD versions).

The fuse behind

fuse box in the board

dashboard on the auxiliary bracket.


F22 twenty 

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