Alfa Romeo 145 (1994-2000) – Fuse Box Diagrams

Hi-ya!,good morning. In the following paragraphs you will discover a description of fuses and relays Alfa Romeo 145 (1994-2000) – fuse box

Include with pics of box diagrams as well as their locations. Highlighted the cigarette lighter fuse (as the most famous thing people look for).
Get tips about Program fuses, swapping a fuse, and more.

Number Amperes [A] Description 1 7.5 1) Dim-Dip thirty 2) Heated seats 2 25 Electrically operated front windows 3 7.5 1) Turn signals, front power windows, compressor control, engine fan timer, luggage compartment opening control twenty 2) Clock, interior roof light, instrument cluster, door lock remote control, radio, radio twenty 3) Roof interior lamps and luggage compartment light, clock, radio receiver, luggage compartment release button, air conditioning compressor 4 10 Warning lights, anti-theft device 5 twenty Door locking device 6 25 1) horns, cigar lighter brake lights, radio twenty 2) horns 7 thirty Heated rear screen, Heated rear warning light, Defrosting mirror 8 15 1) Instrument cluster, windshield washer pump, reversing lights, airbag, side mirror adjustment, clock, control panel, Alfa Romeo code system, EGR 15 2) Lever power, instrument cluster, control panel, trunk opener, windshield, side mirror adjustment, airbag, air recirculation, compressor control, EGR (TD), ABS, radio, auxiliary heating control unit (JTD) 15 3) brake lights, brake auxiliary lights (3 rd stop), Reverse light, Trailer brake light, rearscreen windshield / wipers, Meters, panel view, generator charge light, low oil pressure warning light, lighting controls 9 10 1) Right rear position light, Left license plate light, Left front side light, Side light warning light, Cluster light, Control light 10 2) Right front side light and corresponding warning light, Left rear side light, Right license plate light, Left trailer side light, Instrument cluster, Lighting control 10 10 1) clock, interior lighting, instrument cluster, door lock remote 10 2) ABS system 11 thirty 1) Heated seats 7.5 2) Engine fan, CODE control unit, i.e. control unit, i.e. control unit (JTD), compressor control unit (TD) 7.5 3) Alfa Romeo Code system (T.SPARK engines), engine radiator fan, injection system 12 thirty 1) Engine fan (Boxer) 7.5 2) Door lock and alarm relay, TELEPASS power supply 7.5 3) Direction indicators 13 thirty Electric sunroof 14 25 Rear power windows 15 7.5 1) Rear fog guard (car and trailer), fog guard warning lamp 16 15 Right high beam 17 15 Left high beam, high beam warning light 18 twenty Windshield wiper, heated seats 19 25 1) Rear window wiper, compressor control unit (TD), radiator fan (TD and T.SPARK), heated seats 10 2) cigar lighter 10 3) Glove box lighting, front power windows, rear power windows, rear window heating, side mirror adjustment, sunroof, air conditioning compressor, load cut-off when starting twenty 10 1) Instrument cluster light, indicator light, left tail light, right license plate light, right front side light, side light warning light 10 2) Cigar lighter, Left front side light, Right rear side light, Left license plate light, Right trailer side light, Fog lights and corresponding beacon, Front power windows, Rear power windows, Side mirror adjustment, Radio 21 twenty 1) Heater, fan thirty 2) Heater, fan 22 twenty Fog lights, fog light warning light 23 10 1) Right low beam, headlight setting device 10 2) Left low beam 24 10 1) Left low beam 10 2) Right low beam, headlight setting device Relay and Sunroof relay b Rear fog guard control unit c 1) Rear fog guard relay
2) Sunroof relay d High beam headlamp relay e Key power relay f Fog lamp relay g Dipped beam headlamp relay h Heated rear screen relay and Door locking control unit j Horn relay M. Side lights relay N Intermittent operation of electronic windscreen wipers ABOUT – P. 1) DIM-DIP enabling relay
2) Engine cooling fan relay Q 1) Engine water cooling fan relay
2) Flasher / hazard warning light relay 1)… or 2)… or 3)…

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