9 Common Kia Soul Faults: Problems, Solutions & More

The Kia Soul is a beautiful car with a touring model from the South Korean automaker Kia Motors that has been produced since 2008. Within Kia’s model range, the Soul is positioned between the Rio compact car and the Kia cee’ compact car. d. Keep reading and learn in this post what are the common failures of the Kia Soul and how to fix them.

Common failures of the Kia Soul

The Kia Soul is a beautiful car and like any car it has common faults and problems that can be fixed by following the proper directions and correct steps. Since the first generation that was presented at the World Automobile Championships in the fall of 2008, this car has been a real sensation. Below are a number of common Kia Soul faults that often give vehicle owners headaches.

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1. Drawbacks with power windows

Motors mounted in each door panel operate the four power windows on a Kia Soul vehicle. Knowing about certain components and devices is really helpful when trying to fix Kia power window problems. Read on and learn about: How to fix power window failures on a Kia Soul.

2. PCV valve problems

Kia Motors provides a range of cars that includes full-size, mid-size and compact sedans and SUVs. The PCV valve, found inside Kia Soul cars, eradicates exhaust fumes from the engine. As excess gases build up inside the engine, the pressure could cause severe damage to the engine and nearby components as well. At the first sign of failure it is essential change pcv valve.

3. Problem with the airbag light

The airbag light on a Kia Soul will illuminate as “SRS”, it usually does not illuminate unless the car has been in an accident. If it lights up, it means that there is a malfunction in the airbag system. Keep reading and discover: How to Reset an Airbag Lamp on a Soul.

Common Kia Soul Problems
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4. Thermostat faults on Kia Soul

When a kia soul thermostat has problems it needs to be replaced, and replacing a thermostat can be challenging, however you can be successful if you plan properly and take your time with each step. If your vehicle shows signs of overheating when stopped and cooling off when moving, it may be a sign that your Soul car’s thermostat needs changing. Read more and learn how to replace the thermostat in a Kia Soul.

5. Kia Soul Fuel Pump Problems

If your Soul is misbehaving when you try to start the engine, or stalling when you try to hit the gas, you may be having a problem with your Kia vehicle’s fuel pump. You can troubleshoot your Kia Soul’s fuel pump yourself in your own driveway and save yourself both the hassle and cost of taking it to a mechanic. so learn how to troubleshoot a fuel pump on your Kia Soul.

6. Passenger mirror problems in a Kia Soul

Kia uses plastic side mirrors that are housed in a large housing on all of its late-model cars. The replacement method is usually the same for all models. To change the passenger side mirror on your Kia Soul, you will need to locate and remove the nuts that are securing the mirror to the door. Continue reading and discover: how to replace a passenger mirror in a Kia Soul.

Faults And Inconveniences Of The Kia Soul
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7. Problems with the remote control of a Kia Soul

The keyless remote is a standard option on many of the cars sold today. This option allows the owner to open and close the car doors while out of the car. In fact, several remote controls can even open the trunk or the tailgate, and this is one of the most complex procedures. Learn to programming the remote is in a Kia Soul vehicle.

8. Kia Soul Serpentine Belt Failure

The serpentine belt in a Kia Soul transmits power from the crankshaft to the various accessories on the engine. As the crankshaft pulley turns, it moves the serpentine belt, which then turns the other pulleys. Over time, the belt begins to stretch, crack, fray, and eventually break. This is usually one of the most common faults in a Kia Soul. Inspecting the belt for signs of wear is a great idea at every oil change interval. Read more and learn: How to Replace a Serpentine Belt on a Kia Soul.

9. Problems with the starter motor

This is one of the most common failures of the Kia Soul, it is known that the starter motor uses the energy of the battery to mechanically turn the engine and therefore to start. This task puts a lot of pull on the pinion, which engages the engine’s flywheel. Accidentally, the gear, armature, spring, and other internal parts of the starter wear out and get in the way of pushing and starting the engine. If you may find yourself in this situation, you can replace the starter in your Kia Soul.

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