8 Steps To Change Brake Pads On A Yaris

Setting aside part of the time to replace the brake pads of your Toyta Yaris will limit your expenses and you will save a few bills, in addition you will have the pleasure of fixing your own car. So read on and learn how to change the brake pads on a Yaris.

When you change the brake pads, you should also replace the rotors so that the new pads have a smooth surface to press against when braking. Changing the pads as well as the rotors will increase the usefulness and stability of the car’s brakes.

How to Change Brake Pads on a Yaris

Replacing your Yaris’ brake pads is not only a do-it-yourself task, it’s also a necessary task that will give you the safety you need while driving:

Replace Brake Pads On A Toyota Yaris.
Replace Brake Pads On A Toyota Yaris.
  1. Raise the Toyota Yaris with the jack and place the car on the jack stands, then remove the wheels with a stud wrench and set them aside.
  1. Remove the clip with a ratchet and use a bungee cord to hang it up, don’t let the caliper hang from the brake hose as it could get damaged and end up causing fluid to spill.
  1. Remove the brake rotor from the hub, the rotor may require force to be drawn; in that case, use a hammer to hit it in the center, where the studs of the nuts are, you must be careful not to hit them.
  1. Remove the new rotor from its package and use brake cleaner to remove the grease, you should know that grease is given to the rotor at the factory in order to prevent rust during storage.
  1. Place the new rotor on the hub.
  1. Position the caliper bracket on the steering knuckle, the joint is the apparatus that both the strut and hub connect to, then roll the brake pads onto the caliper bracket.
  1. Open up the master cylinder reservoir so you don’t damage a seal as you compress the caliper, the master cylinder is on the right hand side of the front of the engine bay when looking at the front of the engine.
  1. Compress the caliper with a C caliper so that the caliper can fit over the new brake pads, you must also install the caliper by attaching it to the brake caliper bracket with the help of a ratchet.


A caliper compressor could work much better than a C-caliper, the caliper compressor easily presses the piston into the caliper, and it’s also much easier than a C-caliper or adjustable calipers.


It’s a good idea to wear safety glasses when working on brakes.

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