7 Steps To Change The Fuel Filter In A Tucson

The fuel or gasoline filter of your Hyundai Tucson is located inside the gas tank near the fuel pump and performs a very significant function by filtering both rust and dirt from your car’s fuel. It is important change the fuel filter on a hyundai tucson when problems start with it as unfiltered fuel often harbors contaminants like paint chips, which could build up and cause failure of your vehicle’s fuel pump and fuel injectors through repeated scraping.

If your Tucson car is showing signs of sputtering and sticking, you can be sure that the fuel filter needs to be changed. If a fuel filter change doesn’t cause a specific change to the stall fault, then you most likely need to change the fuel pump as well. You can reach the fuel filter through a door behind the back seat, you could replace the fuel filter yourself without any problem, and you would save money that you would usually waste on a mechanic.

How to Change the Fuel Filter on a Hyundai Tucson

The steps to follow to correctly replace a fuel filter on a Hyundai Tucson are as follows:

  1. Locate the fuse panel under the hood of your Hyundai Tucson, then open it up and remove the fuel pump fuse with your hands.
  1. Start your car and allow the fuel system to depressurize allowing the car to idle until the engine dies.
  1. Put the fuse back in and then get ready to disconnect the battery with a ratchet and socket, then drain the gas from the fuel tank with a siphon kit.
  1. Remove the rear seat by unscrewing the base with a ratchet and socket and lifting the seat up with your hands, the bolts are located on both sides of the seat, in the vicinity of the base. In addition, you will require the help of a helper to lift the seat more safely.
  1. Remove the wire harness by gently pulling on the connector and loosen the rubber grommet with the help of a flathead screwdriver. Unscrew the fuel tank cap with a ratchet and socket, remove it with your hands, pull the wires through the grommet, separate the fuel line hoses with a fuel line disconnect tool, and lift the hoses. Then you need to cover the hoses with rubber plugs.
  1. Reach directly into the fuel tank, then remove the fuel filter using 2 adjustable wrenches, placing one on each side of the fuel filter, you will recognize the gasoline filter by its characteristic filter paper cartridges.
  1. Put on the new filter and then get ready to carry out the first steps but execute them in reverse to finish the installation. Finally fill the gas tank when you’re done.

Items you will need

The items you will need to change the fuel filter on a Hyundai Tucson car are:

  • fuel line disconnect tool
  • Rag
  • new board
  • new fuel pump
  • flat head screwdriver
  • ratchet and socket
  • Help from a friend (only when you’re ready to remove the back seat)
  • Rubber plugs for hoses
  • Two adjustable or socket wrenches
How to Change the Fuel Filter on a Hyundai Tucson
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