4 Steps To Change The Battery In A Toyota RAV4 + Tips!

The Toyota RAV4, which stands for “4 wheel drive recreational active vehicle“, or so the name tries to say, it’s a beautiful car. Replacing the battery on the 2013 RAV4, or the auxiliary battery on the hybrid model, requires the same procedure, and both are mounted in the engine compartment. engine behind the front bumper cover Read on and learn how to change the battery in a toyota rav4.

This car, although it came standard with front-wheel drive on 2013 trim levels, was a crossover SUV introduced in North America in 1995. According to Toyota’s sales summary published in January 2014, 218,249 RAV4s were sold in 2013. United States, which represents an increase of 27 percent over 2012.

How to Change the Battery in a Toyota RAV4

How to Remove the Battery in a Toyota RAV4
Toyota RAV4 2019 in Queens, New York, USA

The steps you must follow to carry out the effective replacement of the battery of a Toyota RAV4 are the following:

  1. Put on the parking brake and put the transmission in “Park. Turn off the engine and remove the ignition key. Install the memory saver according to the manufacturer’s instructions, then wait at least six minutes after turning the key off before disconnecting the battery.
  1. Remove the nine clips from the radiator support cover and remove the cover. Disconnect the negative battery cable, then disconnect the positive cable. You should also disconnect the two wire harness clamps. Remove the nut and bolt from the battery clamp and remove the clamp. Now remove the battery.
  1. Install the new battery and battery clamp. Put the nut and bolt on the clamp, tighten the nut and bolt. Then connect the two wire harness clamps. Loop the positive battery cable and then the negative cable, then tighten the cable nuts.
  1. Install the radiator support cover and attach the cover clips. Remove the memory saver.


Now that you know how to change the battery in a Toyota RAV4, you just have to keep in mind the following tips:

  • If your RAV4 has a power sunroof or power liftgate, you’ll need to reset them after installing the battery.
  • If you don’t use memory saver, you’ll have to drive the RAV4 while the electronic control module relearns its adaptive strategy. Until the relearn is complete, you may also experience abnormal engine performance.
  • Have the charging system checked to make sure a problem hasn’t caused the battery to fail.


You should be careful about the following:

  • Don’t shift the transmission out of the “Park” while the auxiliary battery is disconnected.

Items you will need

The items and tools you are going to use are:

  • memory saving device
  • Keyset
  • socket wrench set
  • Ratchet
  • torque wrench

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