4 Simple Steps To Adjust Your Mazda 3 Headlights: Tips & More

You may adjust the headlights of your Mazda 3 using the 10 millimeter adjustment screw located at the rear of the headlight housing. This screw will allow the only adjustment available on the Mazda 3.

In June 2005, the special Active model was launched, which in addition to the exclusive equipment included metallic paint as standard, air conditioning, fog lights, tourism computer and 16-inch alloy wheels. In October 2007 the prices and the equipment of the models changed slightly. The Active special model now also had xenon headlights and seat heating.

Changing or making the effective adjustment of the Mazda 3 headlights is almost the same for any model. Your Mazda 3’s headlights need to be adjusted every time you replace the housing assembly. If you’ve never done this job before, it may take 20-30 minutes.

The steps you must follow to adjust the headlights of your Mazda 3 correctly are the following:

Making Headlight Adjustments On A Mazda 3
Mazda 3 CiTD (EU) 2007
  1. Park your Mazda 3 in front of a flat surface like a wall, you should also park about 6 meters from the wall.
  1. Turn on the headlights.
  1. Open the hood of the car and place the adjusting bolt on the back of the headlight housing assembly.
  1. Turn the headlight adjustment screw until the headlight beam shines on the base of the wall or other flat surface near the ground. Ideally, your headlights should shine where the headlight beam meets the ground.

Since you know how to adjust the headlights of your Mazda 3, just try it by following the steps to the letter and you will avoid any inconvenience.

Items you will need

  • Glass Key
  • 10 millimeter adjustment screw

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