3 Steps to Troubleshoot a 1994 Ford Aerostar

The base 1994 Ford Aerostar model was equipped with a 3.0-liter (0.79-gallon) six-cylinder engine. This time we will tell you how to troubleshoot a ford aerostar 1994.

The vehicle has many different standard features, including a driver’s frontal airbag, tinted windows, power brakes, 14-inch wheels, rear-wheel anti-lock brakes, vinyl seats, and power steering.

Because it is built with only a few different parts and components, you hardly know what needs to be fixed or replaced when troubleshooting the vehicle. One of the methods to use to properly resolve them is to review the manufacturer claim information.

How to Troubleshoot a Ford Aerostar

Here are three steps to troubleshoot a 1994 Ford Aerostar:

Inspection on hydraulic brake master cylinders

Inspect the hydraulic brake master cylinders if you notice brake fluid leaking under the truck. Your hydraulic master cylinders may be made by Napa, Raybestos, Aimco, AC Delco, CarQuest, Bendix, or Wagner. When the vehicle is exposed to very low temperatures, an internal master cylinder seal can become excessively stiff and allow brake fluid to leak.

Its loss can result in a loss of pressure in the brake line and require a longer braking distance to stop the minivan. Reconnect the hydraulic brake master cylinder to fix this problem.

Check the electrical system jumper harness relay

Check your Aerostar’s electrical system jumper harness relay for a burning smell coming from the vehicle’s engine or if there is a fire in the area of ​​the minivan’s engine.

Your truck may have been manufactured with an electrical load through the accessory power supply circuit that was greater than the manufacturer’s safety specifications. As a result, the vehicle may overheat or the engine may catch fire. You must install a jumper harness relay that routes and reactivates all electrical relay “A2” circuits through the truck’s electrical system.

Inspect the brake rotors

Check your Aerostar’s brake rotors if it has lost all or a significant amount of braking power while driving. Rotors may be Aimco manufactured parts that were built with faulty castings that crack easily. Cracks appear around the outside diameter of the rotor cap or around the hole for the rotor bolt. Replace Aimco rotors to avoid losing all vehicle stopping power.


When troubleshooting a Ford Aerostar, always consult a qualified mechanic who is familiar with your Ford Aerostar and its disassembly to ensure that vehicle problems have been properly resolved and that the proper repairs are made to the minivan.

Ford Aerostar SWB photographed in Erie, PA.  1992-1997
Ford Aerostar SWB photographed in Erie, PA. 1992-1997

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