3 Steps To Remove A Chevrolet Tahoe Headrest

All head restraints on the Chevrolet Tahoe are removable, so no matter what model year you have, the head restraint can be removed. On this occasion you will learn the steps you must follow to remove a headrest from the Chevrolet Tahoe.

A common complaint is the “blind spot” of the second or third row of seats caused by the head restraints. If this affects you, it is possible to remove the head restraints without even making any modifications to your Tahoe vehicle.

How to remove a headrest from the Chevrolet Tahoe

  1. lift the headrest. If your Tahoe is a 1999 to 2006 model year, you should easily lift the headrest in order to raise it to the highest position. Now if your Tahoe vehicle is a 2007 to 2010 model year, press the button on the side of the headrest (this is on the front seats only) and lift it all the way up.
  1. Insert a selection tool (you can also use a straightened paper clip) into the headrest release pin. The release pin is located inside a small hole in the base of the headrest.
  1. Proceed to remove the headrest. With the release pin depressed, the headrest releases easily.


  • You don’t need a selection tool to reinstall the headrest; you simply have to push the arms of the headrest back on the support; they will be locked automatically.
  • In the event that you use some type of tool to try to push the headrest out, try not to scratch or damage it.


  • Although the front head restraints are also removable, Chevrolet does not recommend driving without them because they can provide protection in the event of an accident.
replace the headrest on the Chevrolet Tahoe
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